Sapphire Circle


The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation is committed to our Founders' mission of perpetuating the advancement of womanhood and supporting our twin ideals "the brotherhood of man and alleviation of the world’s pain."


We understand some of our sisters are facing financial hardships as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Sapphire Circle Emergency Assistance Grant can help alleviate some of our sisters’ pain and ease their burden and offer our members in need the greatest gift of all: the knowledge that their sisters care and are always there to help.

At this time, our available funds have been exhausted. We are continuing to accept and evaluate applications should additional funding become available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a Sapphire Circle Grant?

Alumnae and collegiate members in good standing facing severe and unforeseen financial distress during the current COVID 19 crisis. Members of Phi Sigma Sigma Supreme Council, Foundation Board or NHC Board, staff and family members of those are not eligible.

How many times can I receive a Sapphire Circle Grant?

Sapphire Circle Grant recipients may receive only one grant per year.

Is there an average Sapphire Circle Grant amount?

Grants range in the amount of $250 to $1000.

May I apply if Iā€™m a new member of Phi Sigma Sigma?

New members may apply, but applications will not enter the review process until the member is initiated into Phi Sigma Sigma.

Do I have to submit the attachment in order to be considered?

Yes. For an application to be considered complete, the form outlining your personal statement and financial information is required and must be uploaded.

If you started your application but forgot to upload the form, please re-submit.

If you do not know how to complete the form, please read the FAQs and re-submit. If you have further questions, please email

How do I complete the financial information part of the application?

If you are a collegian who receives financial support from parents or other sources, please include that in the financial information.

For all applicants, in the event one or more of your financial supporters are experiencing a reduction in income, furlough or are impacted by a layoff due to COVID-19, please include this information in your personal statement.

When will I hear back about my application and if I have been awarded a grant?

While we are continuing to accept and review applications, we have exhausted our currently available funds. We will continue to award grants if / when funds become available.

What if I receive funds from another source after I've submitted an application or receive notification that I have been awarded a grant?

In the event you receive funds from another source and are no longer in need of support from the Sapphire Circle Emergency Assistance program, please notify to enable us to assist another sister.

How are grant applications being evaluated?

We have seen a significant amount of need demonstrated by a number of sisters seeking assistance as a result of financial impacts from COVID-19. Therefore, we are prioritizing help to address critical needs of safe and secure housing, food and utilities. If you are seeking tuition assistance, please apply for the Foundation's education scholarships and grants. Applications are due June 1, 2020.