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Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity dues and fees were a standard rate for all members and were collected each fall semester.


Local dues depended on your chapter’s projected programming and your member status.


In the past, both Fraternity and local dues and fees were rolled into one all-inclusive amount and billed through Billhighway based on your selected payment schedule. 


Due to COVID-19, state, county and university restrictions will determine what programming can be held safely.


Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity dues and fees will continue to be the same for all members and are collected each fall semester. For the time being, Fraternity dues and fees and will be billed through the Phi Sigma Sigma website on your selected payment schedule. 


If you wish to participate in approved programming, you will pre-pay the authorized amount for the event on your Billhighway account to cover the cost of the event. If your chapter has campus-specific operational expenses (panhellenic dues, composites, recruitment, etc.) you may still pay those fees through Billhighway. 

Think of this as a shift from all-inclusive to pay-as-you-go fee distribution. 

It is our hope that this Fraternity dues and fees model goes a long way to help members who were financially impacted by COVID-19 to take control of their financial stability while maintaining their membership.


The Fraternity continues to stand by an all-inclusive dues structure as part of a premiere member experience.


A pay-as-you-go assessment is a temporary solution to avoid a refund process,

should disruption occur at any point in the fall.



Just like any membership organization or club, civic group and professional or trade association, membership dues are a part of ensuring the consistency and longevity of the experience provided to members. 

As a not-for-profit corporation, dues and fees are collected and reinvested to the direct benefit of the member. This is accomplished through the intentional and targeted programming provided to develop women of substance, character and influence.  

While Fraternity, or "national", dues are collected by the international organization to ensure chapters and their members are healthy and operational; local dues for each chapter fund the activities and events members participate in. The events funded at the local level through chapter dues often include recruitment, social activities, scholarship, new member programs and other campus activities. 


Phi Sigma Sigma is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter services, this includes:


Insurance Coverage - insurance-related costs for the safety of members, their guests and sorority property. 

Technology Services - Zoom business account, chapter websites, recruitment software, educational program delivery and membership database, chapter communication platform.

Chapter & Member Support Services - academic resources, chapter management, volunteer training, member management and accountability, member(s) concerns response, day-to-day operations, etc. 

Chapter & Member Programming - leadership support and on-boarding, safety and compliance training, emerging leader development, topical institutes, etc. 

Member Recognition - annual chapter and member awards, seniors stoles (new in 2020).

Fraternity Operating Expenses - maintenance of a Fraternity Headquarters' staff and assets.


Active members pay Fraternity dues every fall. If you look back at last year's fall invoice from Billhighway, you'll see the amount for Fraternity dues and fees while the remaining amount is billed under local dues, which accounted for your chapters' all-inclusive programming budget. Once a year (in the fall) chapters receive an invoice and pay the Fraternity dues and fees for their chapter (number of members x Fraternity Dues & Fees). You have always paid them, but since you have become an active member they have been included as one part of your overall semester invoice. 

Because of COVID-19, we will temporarily be switching to a "pay-as-you-go" format for chapter events, based on the activities you decide to participate in. Therefore, your fall invoice only reflects your annual Fraternity dues and fees - giving you the freedom to "pay-as-you-go" to all of the local activities that may be hosted. This year you will also be making your Fraternity dues and fees payment on the Phi Sigma Sigma website instead of on Billhighway. This way, the chapter will not be out-of-pocket for any active members who cannot pay on time. We will be offering a one or four payment plan option so members can choose the plan that works best for them.  


Fraternity dues and fees are paid by all members who are actively on the chapter's roster. Both A(IM) and limited are modified active statuses that maintain access to privileges, services and programs. Their participation in activities and events (different from business and programs) may be impacted and look different, but they are still active members. The $235 payment secures your spot on the roster and your membership with Phi Sigma Sigma at both a local and international level. 


In the past, members on limited status only paid Fraternity dues and fees.  While members on chapter status (now called A(IM)) paid both Fraternity dues and fees as well as local dues. In our new temporary dues structure, all members will only be paying Fraternity dues and fees and will help determine their own level of local dues in a pay-as-you-go format. 


The chapter leadership will be encouraged to minimize costs and overhead due to the economic impact of COVID-19. However, there are ongoing operational expenses we anticipate members will pay such as composite, Panhellenic council dues, etc. Beyond that, members will maintain control of their financial commitments through the responsible authorization of charges to their account.



If applicable.

Depending on the state, county and university restrictions on facility capacity and nonresident guests, members may be billed parlor fees to have access to the facility and its services. Each facility will be addressed individually. 


If your chapter is able to schedule and shoot a composite this semester, you may be billed a sitting fee on Billhighway.


For the fall, we encourage chapters to prioritize a balanced calendar that includes programming that does not have an associated cost.


However, for any programs that require a budget, you will be give the option to attend and must confirm your spot by paying on Billhighway in advance of the event. This will enable you to customize your participation and make any necessary accommodations due to the financial or health impacts of COVID-19.


We encourage chapters to use vendors that offer group orders, purchased individually. This way chapter members can participate in a group order, should you choose, and have the item shipped directly to your home. Chapter orders that require group pick-up or members to organize delivery add unnecessary risk. 


We are working to limit recruitment costs as it is still uncertain whether in-person recruitment events will be feasible.


Should your campus move forward with an in-person recruitment, you may be billed a recruitment fee on Billhighway to cover associated costs (video production, technology, apparel, supplies, etc). 


If your Panhellenic council or fraternity/sorority council charge per member dues, you may be billed for these dues on Billhighway. 


If your chapter has a contract for a social event that was unable to take place in spring 2020, we will help you work with the venue to reschedule once it is safe. If your state, county and university restrictions permit this to take place, you would have the option to purchase a formal ticket through Billhighway. 

JULY - $35
JULY - $35
JULY - $35

Collected to confirm fall member status. Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website during the Member Status Survey.

SEPT- $200

Collected to confirm fall member status. Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website during the Member Status Survey.

SEPT- $50

Collected to confirm fall member status. Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website using a credit card during the Member Status Survey.

Billhighway credit is not applied to $35 fee (see below).

Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Billed on September 1 and due September 21. 

Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Billed on September 1 and due September 21. 

SEPT - $200
DEC - $50
OCT - $50

Any spring 2020 credits on your Billhighway account will be used towards your $200 bill.


The $35 due in July is not going to recognize the credit on your account, just the $200 in September. 

If you credit is more than $200 the remaining credits can be used for individual items throughout the semester.


If your credit is less than $200 you will be invoiced only for the difference. 

Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Billed on October 1 and due October 21. 

NOV - $50

Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Billed on November 1 and due November 21. 

Paid on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Billed on December 1 and due December 21. 

Frequently Asked  Questions

Do I have to pay anything on Billhighway?

Billhighway will be used only for pay-as-you-go fees. Fraternity dues and fees will be paid for on the Phi Sigma Sigma website.

I am a senior. When will I get my stole?

Seniors that are graduating in December/January will receive their stoles by November 1. Seniors graduating Spring 2021 will receive their stoles in January.

In plenty of time for senior pictures.

Why are we not being charged local dues?

Chapters are encouraged to minimize costs and overhead due to the economic impact of COVID-19. We want our members to maintain control of their financial commitments and avoid a refund process if in-person instruction is haulted again.

What do I do if I have an outstanding balance, but I am not able to pay at this time?

We know that many sisters with outstanding balances were waiting until credits were processed to pay their remaining balance for Spring 2020. If you are able to make a payment now, please pay on Billhighway. If you are unable to make a payment at this time, please complete this form to set up a payment plan. Late fees have been waived during this time. Once your request has been reviewed, a member of the team will be in touch to confirm your payment plan.

I am an active final semester senior. What do I pay?

Final semester seniors that choose to remain active will be charged a pro-rated amount of $135 instead of the full $235.

I choose to keep my Spring 2020 refund in my Billhighway account. Can I still use those funds to pay my fraternity dues and fees?

Yes, we are able to transfer your Billhighway credits to pay the of Fraternity dues and fees on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. July Payment - The Billhighway credits are being applied to the $200 invoices sent Aug-Nov, they cannot be accessed for the July $35 payment.

I am looking at past invoices. Where can I find information about Fraternity Dues & Fees?

You will find Fraternity Dues & Fees with either a $212.50 or $222.50 amount depending on your chapter’s insurance coverage. As a part of local dues, members also paid for event registration, technology fees.This year, to streamline finances and avoid billing local dues, we’ve incorporated those fees into the Fraternity dues and fees amount of $235.

What if my university doesn't allow stoles at graduation?

Chapters on campuses where the university does not allow stoles will notify their CSM and we will ship the Phi Sigma Sigma new professional notebook and pen set as a gift.

Where on the Phi Sigma Sigma website will I see my invoice(s)?

When a member logs into the members-only site, they will find their invoice(s) under the My Profile menu tab and click Pay Open Invoices in the top left corner window.

Still have a question?

If you have reviewed all of the frequently asked questions above and still have a question, concern or technical issue you need resolved, please send us an email so we can assist you.