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2020-2021 Award Nominations

2020-2021 award nominations and applications are now live on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. All nominations will close on April 22, 2021.


We are fortunate to have so many dedicated and committed sisters in Phi Sigma Sigma and we value the opportunity to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments. Know a sister who has gone above and beyond in the name of Phi Sig? SUBMIT A NOMINATION TODAY!


Do you know of a chapter who has gone above and beyond? Have you seen a chapter plan an amazing event that you want to tell us about? SUBMIT A CHAPTER NOMINATION HERE


  • Do review the criteria for each award well in advance of preparing the application. This will give you an opportunity to gather all of the information that you will need to complete the application. Some awards have specific requirements and conditions. The description of each award is located on the Awards & Honors page on the Phi Sigma Sigma website.

  • Don't click nominate without filling in reasons why you are nominating a sister! A blank nomination WILL NOT be considered. Similarly, the fact that a member is simply "amazing" and a "great sister" will also not be considered without detailed examples.

  • Do tell us everything! The reviewing team may not know the sister you are nominating. A brief nomination does not tell us much. The more thorough you are, the better. The nomination needs to stand out from the other nominations and be detailed and descriptive. Try to answer the following: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

  • Do provide supporting documentation if applicable. If the nominee was recognized for their efforts in a public medium, be sure to include links or supporting documentation to the nomination. This can include articles on websites, newspapers, school publications, photos, etc.

  • Do ask! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about some of the awards or any part of the process? Email us at or contact your chapter services manager.

For questions regarding awards or nominations, please email


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