Scholarships & Grants


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation is able to give thousands of dollars worth of scholarship and grant money to collegians and alumnae each year. In support of our Founders' mission "the advancement of womanhood," these funds enable sisters to achieve excellence, impact their communities and change the world.

2022-2023 scholarship and grant applications are now open and are due on April 8, 2022. 


Description of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation's Named Scholarships, Book Awards and Chapter Educational Funds. 


Ensure you have submitted all of the necessary documentation to be eligible for a scholarship or educational grant.


Educational Grant applicants must complete the Financial Aid Questionnaire (FAQ). Educational Grants are awarded based on financial need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a sister eligible to receive a scholarship if she will be transferring to a different college after fall semester 2022 (she will be at a different college spring 2023)? If so, can she apply for the alumnae scholarships/educational grants as well?

A sister can receive a scholarship if she will be transferring to a different college/university in spring 2023. However, if a sister transfers, she must notify the Foundation of her new school and the appropriate financial aid contacts so we can mail her scholarship or grant check. Even though a sister who has transferred may have been granted alumna status by the Fraternity, as long as she is still finishing her undergraduate degree she will only be eligible for scholarships or grants that are designated for collegians.

If I am attending school part time can I apply?

We do not consider part time students for educational grants or scholarships.

For an educational grant, why do you have to submit 2020 tax returns?

Tax records for 2021 are due to the IRS after our deadline for scholarship applications. Therefore, we need the 2020 records that were filed in 2021.

Is a sister able to receive a scholarship if she will be graduating fall (December), and will not be attending graduate school?

A sister must be enrolled fall 2022 through spring 2023 to receive a scholarship/educational grant, so unfortunately sisters graduating in fall 2022 will not be eligible for a scholarship. Scholarship checks are mailed directly to the college or university where a sister is enrolled by January 2023.

Are new members able to apply for Foundation scholarships?

No, members must be initiated to qualify.

I am a student in a special time to degree (3/4 time) program. Am I eligible to apply for Foundation scholarships?

  • Our requirements are that collegians are full time while pursuing their degrees. Universities can define "full time" in different ways so if your particular university considers your program to be full time you are eligible to apply for a scholarship or educational grant.

  • Currently all of our scholarships requirements are such that alumnae must be full time while pursuing their degrees. Universities can define "full time" in different ways so if your particular university considers your program to be full time you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Are sisters who are currently sophomores able to apply for the junior scholarships if they will be juniors next year?

Sisters who are sophomores this year can apply for scholarships that are designated for juniors and seniors if they will be a junior or senior in the fall and will be a full time student in spring 2023.

My company is providing tuition reimbursement for my degree, am I eligible?

Sisters who have the expense of their education covered by company funded tuition reimbursement are not eligible.

If I am planning on attending graduate school but have not yet received my acceptance letter, am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?

No, all documentation must be submitted by the deadline.

Who should complete my recommendation form?

Sisters may have the recommendation form completed by anyone she would like. The form does not have to be completed by a Phi Sigma Sigma member. Be sure your recommendation is from someone that can speak to the questions on the form. In the past, sisters have sent recommendation forms completed by their chapter’s advisor, professors, supervisors, fellow alumnae or alumnae chapter members, etc.

​Is there a minimum chapter donation in order for a chapter member to be eligible or does the chapter just have to make a donation?

At this time, a chapter donation is not required for a sister to be eligible for a scholarship.

I have an unofficial transcript or access to my electronic transcript. Can I submit one of these?

We must have your unofficial or official transcript to consider your application complete. These need to arrive by the deadline. You will need to request an unofficial or official transcript be mailed from your college or university. Transcripts should be mailed to:
Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation
Attn: Scholarship Committee
1213 Liberty Road Suite J #335 Eldersburg, MD 21784 You may submit an electronic version if your university provides a secure transmission of official transcripts. It must be sent electronically from the university to We will not accept screen shots and/or electronic transcripts sent from an applicant.

Would it be okay if the recommendation form comes in after the scholarship deadline?

No. Please be sure to plan ahead and provide plenty of advance notice to those completing your recommendation form so that they can be submitted by the deadline.

If I am a graduate student and applied last year, do I need to mail another undergraduate transcript?

If you applied last year and mailed your undergraduate transcript, you do not need to mail another one.

Who should I contact if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

Please contact the Foundation at