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National Housing Corporation


Ready to make yourself at home? 

Annual agreements go live

October each year.


We believe all residents and guests should not only feel safe, but also cared for within our walls.


Looking for something? If you have a question, we have an answer just 

a click away. 



Delta Iota Chapter at Central Michigan University

Delta Zeta Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology

Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Illinois State University

Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University- New Brunswick

Gamma Zeta Chapter at University of Rhode Island

Iota Chi Chapter at James Madison University

Iota Iota Chapter at Grand Valley State University

Iota Tau Chapter at Miami University

Iota Upsilon Chapter at University of New Hampshire

Pi Chapter at Syracuse University


We believe in curating and ensuring a premier membership experience for our members. Our dedicated, residential housing provides members with the opportunity to make lifelong memories in a place they can consider their home away from home!


Our residences serve as a focal point of programming and foster strong bonds of sisterhood amongst chapter members – both those who live in the house as well as those who live elsewhere. Maintained by dedicated, professional staff members, our residences provide members with a welcoming, safe environment focused on the culture of care.


The health and safety of our members is our top priority. Our residences are staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring premier experiences for our residences. All of our properties have dedicated security protocols and plans in place, tailored to the specific needs of the chapter and the campus. These plans are regularly evaluated and adjusted as needed to ensure effective safety and protection of our members.


Furthermore, Phi Sigma Sigma residents must abide by all Phi Sigma Sigma policies and expectations.

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I immediately felt comfortable knowing my daughter would be living with women who support and celebrate. Her decision to live in the Phi Sigma Sigma house gave me peace of mind that she would be cared for and safe on campus.”


Iota Upsilon Chapter

at University of New Hampshire

The National Housing Corporation has been amazing helping the women at UNH adjust to the brand new house at 2 Brook Way. They provided us with an amazing chef who has learned our favorite meals and desserts over the year, a wonderful housekeeper who is always a friendly face willing to help out outside of her job description, and a beautiful place that the sisters can now call home.


Epsilon Alpha Chapter

at Illinois State University

Living in the house has given me the opportunity to make so many friendships that I know I will cherish and keep close to my heart forever. I could not imagine a better group of people to make my time here more special. 



Iota Iota Chapter

at Grand Valley State University

This has been my second year living in the chapter house and it has been such an amazing way to get to know sisters that I previously didn’t know very well. I met both of my best friends living in the house last year and we are all living in the house again this year! Even with COVID-19 we are still finding so many different ways to bond and have fun with each other while still keeping our health and safety the top priority.



House Director

at Illinois State University

Being house director for these lovely ladies has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Together, we have created a culture of respect, support, accountability and most importantly - fun!



Delta Iota Chapter

at Central Michigan University

As soon as I joined this chapter, I knew I wanted to live in the house. It has been such a great experience being able to create new connections with the twelve sisters living in the house. I never thought I would get so close with all of them or even have the opportunity to. There is always someone to help comfort me, have fun with, and everyone is always there for each other.

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