To celebrate Phi Sigma Sigma's Founders' Day, each chapter plans a 5K run/walk/move to engage with the local community and raise funds through the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation for their local Community Impact Fund. Below, you will find a series of resources to help you plan and execute your chapter's 5K!



Any time – late October through early December. When selecting the date, consider other events on your chapter and campus calendar and how it might encourage or discourage participation. Keep in mind weather and availability of your desired route.



First, contact your recreation department and campus safety to discuss possible 5K routes. What do you need to register your event on campus? What steps does campus safety require you to take?


Members of the fraternity/sorority, campus and local community, students and families from your partner school, alumnae (and their families) and sisters’ family members!



The money is held in your chapter’s designated Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Community Impact Fund account, and will be used to support your partner school in a way that you designate.


A 5K is a great fundraising event as it has low overhead costs, moderate risk, open to all age groups and easily scalable.


The chapter is responsible for the following:

  • Identify 5K chairman

  • Determine date, time and location of event 

  • Coordinate logistics 

  • Advertise and engage with campus and community 

  • Determine how teams are formed 

  • Educate chapter and community on their partner school  

  • Make event exciting and fun

Headquarters will provide the following:

  • Set up race registration site on Red Podium 

  • Send emails to alumnae & parents 

  • Provide marketing resources  

  • Provide 5K coaching resources from volunteers 

  • Provide resources to help choose a partner school 

  • Provide information on the Community Impact Fund  

  • Facilitate open office hours for assistance with 5K planning

  • Ship t-shirts in bulk to chapters for participants who register by the priority deadline

  • Ship t-shirts to virtual participants who register by the priority deadline

The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation will provide the following:

  • Access to RedPodium to host registration sign ups and process payment transactions

  • Race t-shirts for participants who register by the priority deadline


Get started by downloading the 5K event planning guide



  • Bring this idea to your chapter to get them excited about hosting a 5K in celebration of Founders' Day!  

  • Appoint 5K chairman

  • Identify date and location 

  • Aim for late October to early December in observance of Phi Sigma Sigma’s Founders Day on November 26

  • Fill out Phi Sigma Sigma 5K event submission form 

  • Reserve space/location 

  • Reach out to on/off campus partners to inform them of your event 

    • FSL/Student Activities Office 

    • On campus recreation center 

    • Campus police 

    • Local municipality (city, town, etc.) 

  • Inform chapter so they save the date  


  • Establish budget and vendors/supplies needed for event  

  • Establish advertising plan 

    • WHO are you advertising to? 

    • HOW will this advertising happen? 

    • Start to reach out to different audiences  

    • Utilize 5K marketing resources  

  • Determine registration plan and how teams will be formed 

  • Work with chapter coach if insurance information is needed  


  • Manage registration 

  • Continue advertising 

  • Purchase supplies 

  • Confirm with vendors (if applicable) 

  • Determine day of logistics 

  • Coordinate volunteers  

  • Inform members of event obligations 


  • Review your race registration report.

  • Follow up with anyone who hasn't registered but you were expecting to.

  • Send an email to participants with information about race day. You can find email addresses on your registration report. Get started with this draft email.

  • Assign volunteer roles for day-of support. View a list of potential volunteer roles and duties here. As the 5k coordinator, DO NOT assign yourself a role so you are available to troubleshoot day-of.



  • Resend race day information to your participants by email. Make sure to include a day-of contact for questions/issues. 

  • Share a schedule of the event with sisters and volunteers. 

  • Confirm your day-of contact with the venue so you know who to contact in the case of any issues. 

  • Download and print out a couple of copies of the registration report. Make sure to identify anyone who should be receiving a t-shirt so you don't forget to hand it out. 

  • Sort t-shirts by sizes so they are easy to distribute at check-in to those who should receive one. 

  • Prepare and pack all supplies for race day so you're ready to load the car/walk them over to set up.  



  • Make sure you have all necessary supplies on hand. Check out our recommended supply list.

  • Send out an OurHouse reminder to the chapter with the schedule and any other last minute reminders. 

  • Get there early to set-up and make sure everything is ready before participants begin arriving. 

  • Greet participants and thank them for supporting the cause.

  • Have fun!



Have a question or need help with next steps? The philanthropy and service committee will be hosting drop in zoom office hours for any 5K chairmen from the week of October 10 through the week of November 14.

  • Monday from 8:00 - 9:00 P.M. ET / 5:00 - 6:00 P.M. PT

  • Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00 P.M. ET / 5:00 - 6:00 P.M. PT

  • Thursday from 7:00 - 8:00 P.M. ET / 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. PT

  • Friday from 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. ET / 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. PT

Click here to join:

  • Press Release Template - download and complete the press release template to share with local publications including your campus newspaper, local community newspaper, local, etc. 

  • Flyer Template - Customize this Canva template flyer or create your own to post on campus, post around the community and share with other organizations. 

  • 5K Logo - Download this logo to use on marketing and promotional materials. Putting the logo on a dark background? Download the white version of the logo, here

  • Instagram Post Template - Customize this Canva template or create your own to post on your chapter's page and have sisters re-share.


All race registrations will be managed through RedPodium, Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation's race registration partner. Follow the steps below to secure your chapter's race registration website:

  1. Determine and submit your event date and location through the 5K event submission form.

  2. Review and proof the customized race registration website provided by HQ. 

  3. Once finalized, your 5K chairman will receive login information to monitor and download registration information. 

  4. Launch and share registration!

If you have any questions about the registration process or your chapter's customized race website, please email

Video: How to view and download registration information


  • $19.13 - Individual race registration

  • $191.30 - Team of 10 race registration

  • $30.00 - Virtual race registration

Anyone who registers before the priority deadline will receive a 5K t-shirt included in the cost of their race registration. T-shirts will only be provided to registered race participants who register before the cut off. If a chapter sister would like a race t-shirt, she must register for the 5K on the chapter registration website. 



Want to offset some of your event costs? Sponsors can support your event with a monetary donation or by donating items such as cases of water, food or refreshments, items to use as prizes, etc. Checks should be made out to "[Chapter Letters] Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma" and deposited into your chapter's Billhighway account. 


Sponsors could be on-campus businesses, local businesses, small businesses owned by family or friends. 


If you or a chapter member already has a personal relationship with a possible sponsor, ask them to reach out and start the conversation. A lot of businesses will need an official request to review and approve. Below you will find a sponsorship letter template that you can customize. If you're looking for a sponsorship from a large corporation, most will have an online sponsorship request you will need to fill out and submit. 


Sponsorships are mutually beneficial. Any costs associated with the 5K will be coming out of the chapter's philanthropy budget. By bringing on sponsors, you are able to help cover the costs for your 5K. In turn, you will help bring publicity and recognition to your sponsors by letting them be a part of your event. Make sure to recognize and thank your partners during the event, through social media, etc. 



The Community Impact Fund was established by the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, providing Phi Sigma Sigma collegiate chapters the opportunity to support their partner school while also supporting the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation. The introduction of this fund coordinates efforts between the Foundation and collegiate chapters in support of Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropic cause of school and college readiness.


Collegiate chapters will identify a local Title I school as their official partner. When the chapter raises money through a fundraising event, the money will be deposited in the chapter’s Community Impact Fund through the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation. The chapter will be able to designate the proceeds to support their partner school by funding backpack builds, direct financial grants to support programs or projects, or purchasing other equipment/supplies for the school.