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Phi Sigma Sigma provides a premier membership experience, which includes promoting the well-being of its members. We expect our sisters to be active members of their chapter and campus community; to follow the law, our policies and campus policies; and to take care of one another.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s policies are intended to maximize the collegiate experience while minimizing risks for individual sisters, the sorority and our university partners.


Each chapter establishes a standards board as part of the chapter’s checks and balances system. While it is the disciplinary arm of the chapter, it is also a mediation tool and system of support. Standards board is there to ensure success through personal development and value alignment.


In addition to the philosophies established to guide our programs, practices and policies, the Fraternity's and chapter's constitution and bylaws provide additional operational structure and guidance to members and leaders to carry out Fraternity business. 


We firmly believe our sisters have rights as members of Phi Sigma Sigma and students on their campus, but also have an equal amount of responsibility to both entities. The Fraternity is committed to ensuring our members understand these rights and responsibilities. The aim should always be resolution through collaboration and mutual understanding. 

Responsibilities of a Member

As women join Phi Sigma Sigma, they are asked to make a commitment to the Fraternity in the way of active participation, adherence to policies and the completion of sister development programs to achieve the best possible membership experience. Each member must play her part in helping the chapter achieve success. 

Phi Sigma Sigma policies and prescribed procedures are to be observed in any activity or event sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, including those that occur on-or off-chapter premises, by all members and guests participating.


Fraternity policies are inclusive of new members and establishing chapters in all references to members and chapters.

Alcohol Distribution Procedures
for Events with Alcohol

Phi Sigma Sigma believes in order to maintain a dynamic sisterhood with strong social standards it is important to provide a framework for our members including a healthy and realistic approach to alcohol consumption and event management. 

Financial & Housing Agreements

As a part of the annual policy review and acknowledgement, all members acknowledge Phi Sigma Sigma's financial obligation and housing policy. 

Washing Hands



Review the Health & Safety Expectations for all Chapters, Members and NHC Residents.

Reporting a Concern

Should you feel the leadership or members of a chapter are not upholding the expectations of the international organization or abiding by its policies you are encouraged to report individual or chapter behavior through the Phi Sigma Sigma website or emergency line. 

EMERGENCY LINE: (410) 530-1913

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