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Phi Sigma Sigma provides members the opportunity to immerse themselves in a well-rounded, fulfilling sorority experience designed to develop the whole woman. As Phi Sigma Sigma members navigate their collegiate experience and lay the foundation for their professional careers, they are grounded by a community of support and resources to help guide them along the way. We are thankful for our colleagues at our host institutions and know that the role you play in students’ lives is vital in ensuring the success of our chapters and their members’ experiences.


We believe strong support from dedicated staff members - who understand the unique business of sorority - is critically important for the success of every chapter.


We invite campus partners to engage with the Fraternity regarding any behavior/ concern about a member or chapter. This is similar to a student of concern or organization misconduct notification.


We seek to ensure members develop responsible behaviors that support a healthy and well-balanced life.                                


Learn more about the member experience and signature programs the Fraternity offers.                                                                                                                                                             


If you have any questions or would like to connect with a HQ representative, please reach out to the chapter services manager for your campus.


Should the institution require a letter of good standing, certificate of insurance, roster verification or any other standard issue documentation, requests may be made in writing ahead of the deadline.


We strategically partner with campuses where we know Phi Sigma Sigma will be successful. From outstanding support, to common values and a commitment to helping our members prepare to be confident and resourceful members of society, Phi Sigma Sigma recognizes the need for strong relationships with the professionals on our campuses – both at the chapter level as well as at a professional level – to meet the unique needs of each campus and ensure our chapter’s success and perpetuity. 


We are devoted to establishing strong and vibrant chapters that support our members through both personal and professional growth and develop our women into confident, resourceful individuals who understand the effects of knowledge and action on their own life and the lives of others. Thank you for your partnership with us, and for helping our members continue to “Aim High” in their chapters, on campus and within their communities. 


Ferris State University

Coordinator of Greek Life & Student Life Project Manager

“Phi Sigma Sigma invited me to facilitate at their Collegiate Leadership Academy to launch a pilot initiative for chapters that needed to focus on progress over perfection and make strides towards excellence in their chapters. That experience was energizing and passionate as a campus-based professional. As a member of Delta Zeta myself, I never imagined I’d also leave with new long-distance friends and colleagues I admire across the country inside and outside the world of professional fraternity and sorority advising.

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