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The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation is proud to fund leadership programming, offer scholarships and educational grants, and provide resources for philanthropic and service-oriented events directly benefitting our collegiate and alumnae sisters, as well as the world around us. Our women live by our virtues everyday by serving both their communities through raising money to support worthwhile causes and by donating their time to projects and causes in which they believe.

The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation’s philanthropic cause is School and College Readiness. By providing the next generation with the resources necessary to succeed in the classroom, we are also helping to prepare them to succeed outside of the classroom.



In addition to supporting our philanthropic partners, our chapters adopt local philanthropic partners to further the cause of school and college readiness in their own communities.

Our members support their local Title I school partners through a variety of initiatives designed to meet the specific needs of each community. From equipping students with the necessary tools to succeed through school supply drives and backpack and pencil builds, to supporting enriching extracurricular activities as volunteers and planning innovative leader programming, our members continue to foster the next generation of leaders. 


One of the largest inhibitors to educational success is a lack of resources including school supplies. As advocates for school and college readiness, we want to make sure students have the necessary supplies to truly succeed. Through our partnerships with local schools, we are able to ascertain what supplies students are truly in need of and help fill that void through supply drives, collections and donations.


Our backpack builds provide an opportunity for us to share the importance of school and college readiness with others, while allowing us to directly impact and give back to our communities. Our members witness first-hand what new school supplies can mean to students who might not have the means to succeed otherwise.

Foundation Partner

In celebration of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation's 50th Anniversary, our Convention 2019 fundraising campaign raised the costs to construct two schools in Guatemala through the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. This special project supports our philanthropic focus of school and college readiness while perfectly aligning with Phi Sigma Sigma’s twin ideas: the brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world’s pain.

Phi Sigma Sigma will send collegiate and alumnae members on two trips to participate in the start of school construction in Summer 2021. These ambassadors will break ground on the school and receive a first-hand experience of the meaningful impact building a school will have on the selected community and how an education will forever change these young children’s lives.

Foundation Partner


Kids in Need Foundation ensures every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies to students most in need. Kids in Need has multiple programs, including a national network of resource centers, a program to bring supplies to children who are not located near resource centers, and a program designed to help children recover from the fear, anxiety and sense of loss in the aftermath of natural disasters. Our partnership with KINF results in many volunteer and school supply donation activities to support children living in poverty-stricken and disaster areas.

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