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Award Winner Highlight: Shannon McCabe

Name: Shannon McCabe

Chapter: Iota Zeta Chapter at the University of Minnesota - Duluth

Awards Received: 2015 Alumnae Emerging Leader Winner & 2022 Sisterhood Award Winner

"Being recognized for not only my commitment to Phi Sigma Sigma, but how I have managed to bridge my professional and volunteer life together left me speechless."

How Phi Sigma Sigma has impacted you?

Phi Sigma Sigma has changed and continues to change my life each and every day. During my collegiate years, it taught me many things like how to be a servant leader, being a part of something bigger than yourself and truly gave me the confidence to try new things and believe in myself along with so many unforgettable memories with chapter sisters. As I transitioned into my alumnae years, my relationships have changed in some capacities, grown in others and provided me with a stronger support system than I could have ever imagined. I have created life long friendships with not only just chapter sisters who I was active with, but older and younger chapter sisters who I either came after or before in the chapter along with some of the best sister friends from chapters all over the country. Now as an alumna, having the opportunity to be a mentor to collegiate women is something that brings me immense joy and provides a sense of fulfillment I could have never expected.

What did it mean to receive this award?

Receiving honorable mention in 2014 and then winning the award in 2015 for Alumnae Emerging Leader Award was an incredible moment in my early volunteer life. Sandy Grossman is someone I have always looked up to starting in my collegiate years and then as a young volunteer. Being chosen for an award in honor of her and all the principles and ideals she embodies along with what she has and continues to do for the organization overall is something that I would have never imagined I would be nominated for let alone win.

Winning the Sisterhood Award in 2022 was nothing short of shocking! To be at the Convention and hear the nomination letter read by Grand Archon Tess Stovall as she looked me in the eyes gave me chills and is a moment I will never forget. Being recognized for not only my commitment to Phi Sigma Sigma, but how I have managed to bridge my professional and volunteer life together left me speechless. I don't do things in hopes of receiving recognition, but it sure hits you in the feels when you do get it and it's completely unexpected!

How has receipt of a Phi Sigma Sigma award impacted your continued volunteerism/leadership within the Fraternity?

I always knew that Phi Sig was going to be so much more than just a college organization for me. I knew that this would be a lifetime commitment and something that would truly become an important part of who I am at my core. The ideals and rituals that bind each chapter and sister together regardless of age or chapter is something that I hold very close to my heart. Being recognized by my sisters for my early efforts as an alumnae volunteer along with more recently for the Sisterhood Award is beyond words.

Phi Sigma Sigma's annual awards program recognizes individuals and chapters who most embody the virtues of Phi Sigma Sigma and continue to "Aim High" throughout their collegiate and alumnae experiences.

Click here to learn more about Phi Sigma Sigma's awards program or submit a nomination.

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