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Life After Being a LDC: Q&A with Amanda Ogen

Name: Amanda Ogen

Chapter: Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Year that you served as a LDC: 2014-2015

Current Position/Title: Casting Producer

If you're looking for a fun, wild, challenging adventure after graduation, this is it.

1. Why did you want to be a LDC?

Even though it was not in direct correlation to my intended career path, it seemed like too much fun to pass up. Between traveling, meeting fellow Phi Sig sisters and giving back to an organization that provided me a safe community of sisterhood, the LDC experience sounded like a great gig.

2. What is your favorite memory from your time as a LDC?

Aside from feeling like a lead cast member in a TV show after all the photo shoots and free swag, my favorite memories came from the moments that showed the tangible change and impact that I made while on the road. After helping a chapter that was on its last warning of being removed from campus for policy violation, the chapter completely turned around. Not only did we improve the chapter's traditions, but they added a new local philanthropy with Make a Wish and hosted a wish reveal party. That party, in which all the sisters came together to do good for someone else, made us all proud. The party was even featured in the university's newspaper!

3. What skills did you learn during your time as a LDC that helped you in your career?

RECRUITMENT! My plan was to live in Los Angeles and work in casting for TV (which is what I do now!) Advising on recruitment, interviewing strategies and communication are helpful tools I've gained for that. I also prepared reports and presentations, which helped me stay organized and engaging. When pitching potential cast members to networks, I need those qualities to stand out. I also booked travel, organized calendars and prepared for meetings and conferences as an LDC. These admin tasks are required for essentially all jobs.

4. What did you do after your year as a LDC and how did that bring you to where you are now?

After being an LDC, I had nothing lined up. I was nervous that choosing to be an LDC instead of immediately moving to LA after college meant that my career aspirations were over. When I returned home in NJ, I reconnected with a woman who trained me on her company's software for my casting internship in NYC. I told her that my dream was to live in LA but that I didn't know how to make it happen. She told me that her company had a job opening in Los Angeles supporting its casting director clients. I applied, interviewed via Skype and got the job! One month later, I moved to LA and started as a casting relations associate. This was the perfect job to transition me into the industry I dreamed about since I was a kid!

5. Any advice for people who are considering being a LDC next year?

If you're looking for a fun, wild, challenging adventure after graduation, this is it. You are put in a position to grow up and be a leader, but also lay back and connect with the undergraduates on a personal level. 

This job will connect you with people from around the country! Even though you are making changes to their traditions or disciplining sisters when they are not focusing, you end up leaving with a sense of accomplishment and a phone full of numbers of new friends.


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