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Phi Sigma Sigma Supports Lawsuit Against Harvard

Phi Sigma Sigma Joins Others to Stand Up to Harvard

Today, Phi Sigma Sigma stands in support of a group of sororities, fraternities and students who filed a pair of lawsuits challenging Harvard's sanctions policy that punishes students who join off-campus, single-sex social organizations. Even though we do not have a chapter at this specific school, it is critical that we stand together to protect members' rights to shape their own leadership and social paths.

"Phi Sigma Sigma stands in solidarity with our interfraternal partners who have taken a stand against Harvard's discriminatory policy that infringes on an individual's right to join of -campus, single-sex organizations. Given Phi Sigma Sigma's own history as it relates to diversity and inclusion, we are disappointed that, in 2018, women are still being marginalized by antiquated policies that eliminate opportunities that empower and advance womanhood," stated Phi Sigma Sigma International President Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg.

Before Harvard announced its policy, one in four undergraduates belonged to sororities, fraternities or all-women's or all-men's final clubs - opportunities protected by Title IX and the First Amendment. Starting this fall, members of these organizations are, in a word, blacklisted - stripped of opportunities to hold leadership roles in Harvard organizations and on athletic teams and to obtain postgraduate fellowships and scholarships influenced or controlled by Harvard.

The impact to women's organizations has been devastating. Almost all of the all women's sororities and final clubs at Harvard have either closed or had to renounce their proud status as women's groups and commit to admitting men. After membership soared to record highs in recent years, Harvard erased these empowering women's organizations, which were designed to create opportunities, resources and sustainable networks built by women for women.

We need you! Share our social media posts to add your voice to the support as we STAND UP TO HARVARD. Learn more at


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