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Volunteer Highlight: Amy Merriam

Name: Amy Merriam

Chapter: Zeta Rho Chapter at Fitchburg State University

Volunteer Position: Chapter Key Advisor of the Zeta Rho Chapter at Fitchburg State University

"My hope is by being a volunteer I can bring some of those same relationships, skills and experiences to future generations of our organization."

How has Phi Sigma Sigma impacted you both as a collegian and an alumna?

This is not a simple question for me to answer, because in reality, there isn’t a single day in my life that isn’t impacted by my decision to join Phi Sigma Sigma. I speak to at least one sister every single day. I have been granted such amazing titles though this organization such as Little, Big, CKA and my favorite, auntie. Not only has Phi Sigma Sigma impacted my personal life, but it has prepared me for the professional world outside of collegiate life.

Why did you choose to volunteer and why do you continue to stay involved? I decided to volunteer because Phi Sigma Sigma has given me so much, that I can’t imagine there would be a way to repay that. My hope is by being a volunteer I can bring some of those same relationships, skills and experiences to future generations of our organization.

What is your favorite memory as a Phi Sigma Sigma volunteer? There are so many amazing things that have happened since I have become a volunteer only a year ago, and I still don’t think I can pick one favorite. I will say that there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching the young women in your chapter succeed at something they were not sure they could do. Every successful recruitment, every bid day, every passed slate, every moment of “I can’t do this” turned into “I did it” is something words cannot do justice. My members continue to surprise and amaze me with their strength and resilience, and I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring for them.

What advice do you have for our seniors as they prepare to transition to alumna life? You can achieve so much with what you have learned in your time with Phi Sigma Sigma. Recruitment has prepared you for networking. Helping the new member classes has developed your training skills. Each executive board position you applied for has helped you prepare for interviews. Every position you have held has sharpened your leadership skills. Don’t be afraid to use those skills, and brag about those skills! You put in the time and hard work, go out there and show them what it means to be a Phi Sigma Sigma.

Being a Phi Sigma Sigma volunteer is probably the best decision I have made since my own bid night. If you are an alumnae and are curious about volunteering, please do not hesitate to reach out to any Phi Sigma Sigma volunteer. All of the amazing women involved have stories to share, and they may inspire you to get involved to! There’s so many ways to get involved as a volunteer and just a little of your time can go a long way.


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