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Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteer Placement Committee

Do you want to get involved with Phi Sigma Sigma? Do you have a professional background in HR, hiring or employee placement? Do you have a passion for onboarding, training and development? Lend your talents to Phi Sigma Sigma as a volunteer!

The volunteer placement committee is currently looking for several new volunteers to join their committee including: committee chairman, screening specialists and onboarding specialists.


The volunteer placement committee supports Phi Sigma Sigma by connecting alumnae with volunteer roles that best fit their skill set and current organizational needs. The committee screens potential alumnae volunteers and works in coordination with Fraternity staff to place alumnae into volunteer roles. Additionally, the committee onboards and trains new volunteers, providing them with tools to be successful in their new role.


We are looking for a passionate sister who is interested in taking her volunteer service to their next level by serving as committee chairman. Professional experience in human resources, hiring and/or employee placement is preferred. Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as primary liaison between volunteer placement committee and Fraternity staff.

  • Oversee and manage committee progress.

  • Oversee and manage placement and onboarding of all volunteers for the Fraternity.

  • Schedule and lead biweekly committee meetings.

  • Maintain regular email communication with committee members.


Screening specialists will work alongside members of the committee to support the Fraternity volunteer application and placement process. Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct outreach to potential volunteers.

  • Interview and screen candidates.

  • Educate potential volunteers on the expectations of serving as a Phi Sigma Sigma volunteer.

  • Screen potential volunteers to determine candidacy for volunteer roles based off of alignment of qualifications.

  • Make a recommendation to the committee regarding next steps in the application and placement process.

  • Provide updates to potential candidates regarding next steps and/or final placement decisions.

  • Maintain regular email communication and attend biweekly committee meetings.


Onboarding specialists will work alongside members of the committee to onboard and train new volunteers. Responsibilities include:

  • Update and maintain online training program through e-learning platform.

  • Facilitate small group sessions as part of the onboarding process for newly placed volunteers.

  • Provide regular check-ins with new volunteers to ensure successful onboarding and transition.

  • Work with Fraternity staff to provide training opportunities for volunteers.

  • Maintain regular email communication and attend biweekly committee meetings.


If you're interested in applying for one or more of the roles above, please complete the application on the Phi Sigma Sigma website by Monday, May 1. If you have any questions, please email


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