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Wendy Lau Honored with Sister of the Rose Award

Phi Sigma Sigma is pleased to honor Wendy Lau, Theta Upsilon Chapter at the University of La Verne, with the Sister of the Rose Award. This award is presented to a Supreme Council member who has served for ten cumulative years.

Wendy has dedicated over 25 years as a Phi Sigma Sigma volunteer including serving 13 years on Phi Sigma Sigma's Supreme Council. During her tenure she has served in numerous volunteer roles including grand vice archon - finance, supreme council director, Foundation board director, leadership development consultant and chapter key advisor. Wendy is also a past recipient of Phi Sigma Sigma's Order of the Sapphire Award and Undergraduate of the Year Award.

Professionally, Wendy is the risk management lead - west region for AECOM, a global Fortune 500 company, following a 16 year career as a knowledgeable litigator and partner of a national law firm with experience in business transactions, contracts, construction, labor and employment and general liability.

Additionally, Wendy serves as a trustee for the Board of Trustees for the University of La Verne, on city council for the City of La Verne and a member of the executive team for the March of Dimes Signature Chefs event.

Wendy had a great impact on Phi Sigma Sigma as a whole and has made a personal impact on so many Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Wendy for all of her contributions! We are proud to share the impact Wendy had on so many by sharing some thank you videos and written testimonials.

"I have observed Wendy's work over the past years and always found her to be dedicated, hard working, reaching out to all sisters, and very much worthy of the highest praise. A fellow California Girl too! " - Judith Distler, Past Grand Archon, Zeta Chapter at the University Of California, Los Angeles

"Wendy, For over 25 years you have contributed your expertise, talent, professionalism, and boundless enthusiasm to our Fraternity. Despite the time away from family, friends, and loved ones, your commitment has never wavered. The fact is our Fraternity is better because of you. Thank you for all your have done and for being such a remarkable sister." - Kim Hildred, Past Grand Archon, Gamma Epsilon Chapter at Waynesburg University

"Dear Wendy: The days are long but the years are short. Or sometimes, maybe, as COVID taught us, the years are long too. Lots of hard work, hopefully many great memories. Thank you so much for making Phi Sigma Sigma such an important part of your life and congratulations on this very well deserved honor. However, I know your Phi Sigma Sigma journey is far from over and I'm looking forward to new adventures together. And, we'll always have Vegas!" - Sandy Grossman, Past Grand Archon, Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University - New Brunswick

"Wendy, you are one of the most dynamic forces of good I know! I am so grateful for our time together on Supreme Council. You pushed us to be a better organization and, in doing so, pushed me to be a better leader. Thank you so much for your dedication to and love for Phi Sigma Sigma. I love you, my forever sister friend." - Alicia Scott, Past Grand Archon, Beta Psi Chapter at the University Of Florida

"During my new member education process I remember learning about Wendy as one of the leaders of our fraternity. Ever since I've looked up to Wendy for the bold leader that she is. Seeing her get emotional at convention really showcases how much she cares about the sisterhood. I hope to aspire to leave a long-lasting legacy that Wendy has established for Phi Sigma Sigma. Our fraternity is in a better place because of her." - Tori Seymour, Iota Zeta Chapter at the University Of Minnesota - Duluth

"Wendy, You are one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I have ever met. You care about and for so many people, places and organizations. You are an inspiration and a leader that I myself aspire to be. Thank you for all you have done, do and will do for this organization and the world." - Alexa Georgakopoulos, Gamma Zeta Chapter at the University Of Rhode Island

"From one of your loyal 'Lauterns'.... thank you for bringing light into so many people lives. Your joy, laughter, humor, humility, and caring nature is appreciated on so many levels. Thank you for your service to Phi Sigma Sigma. The past 25 years have been that much better because of your involvement. So many wonderful memories of my time with Phi Sig include you: you made Foundation board meetings fun, you are a wonderful roommate and who else would get up at the crack of dawn to work out with me every morning! I'm so happy I have had the chance to work with you." - Marianne Cohen, Delta Beta Chapter at the University Of Rochester

"Wendy, While we have never worked together directly, the dedicated years you have spent volunteering for Phi Sigma Sigma have impacted me in some way, shape, or form. As an undergrad, I looked to Supreme Council and the amazing work you were all doing through challenging times to make our sisterhood stronger than ever. Now, as an alumna and fellow volunteer, you serve as an impeccable role model. Congrats on receiving the Sister of the Rose Award. You are more than deserving of this recognition!" - Kimber Buzzard, Theta Psi Chapter at Alma College

"From one Sister of the Rose to a new one, your years and years of service are sincerely appreciated and there is more to come! Thank you!" - Linda Beavin, Beta Rho Chapter at Drexel University

"Congratulations on this amazing award! I am so happy for you. Being a volunteer with you has been an amazing journey! I can't wait to work with you again and I'm glad you are continuing your volunteer experience with the National Housing Corporation. I have especially enjoyed the last couple of years and getting to know you better. You have become a dear friend as well as a dear Sister. I love our phone conversations because I always walk away feeling like I learned so much from you and gratitude because we discuss the deep, meaningful things of life. Thank you for all the love you give to our members, volunteers and Phi Sigma Sigma! You definitely make our walls stronger! You truly are a Sister of the Rose!" - Vanessa Freeman Zerhusen, Foundation President, Theta Rho Chapter at the University Of Virginia's College At Wise

"Wendy: Thank you for all your time and dedication you have given to our beloved Phi Sigma Sigma. I always enjoyed our time together serving on the Foundation as well as various committees and projects. I look forward to what this next chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma service is for you." - Tracy Koch, Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Illinois State University

"Thanks for all that you have done for Phi Sigma Sigma. Your passion for the organization and for empowering others is inspiring. You have the ability to light up a room and make people listen. XOXO" - Caitlin Joseph, Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Delaware

"Thank you for always being a champion for Phi Sigma Sigma and all of your sisters no matter what!" - Tori Carlson, Iota Omicron Chapter at Capital University

"Wendy! You have had such a huge impact on Phi Sigma Sigma and so many women (including me!) throughout the years. You are truly an inspiration and have been such a constant source of strength and dedication. You deserve this amazing award for all you have done and the exciting things yet to come. Congrats!" - Rachel King, Iota Zeta Chapter at the University Of Minnesota - Duluth

"Wendy, Thank you for everything you have done for the Fraternity throughout your time on Supreme Council and as a sister. Your positivity and passion are so contagious, and you have made such a difference in the lives of so many Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. Your guidance has been pivotal to the success of the Fraternity and for that, we thank you. I am excited to see where the next chapter of your Phi Sigma Sigma story takes you! " - Lauren Tannenbaum, Delta Psi Chapter at the University Of West Florida

"Congratulations on your achievement Wendy. You fully deserve this award. I admire your intelligence, fierceness, and your welcoming and bubbly personality. You have always been so pleasant, fun, and a bright light to be around. I'm astounded by your professional achievements, all of your extra involvements, and of course, your dedicated years of service to Phi Sig. You're someone I've always looked up to. Your accomplishments know no limits. Keep reaching for the stars and keep up the amazing job." - Fallon Armstrong, Zeta Chi Chapter at Stevenson University

"Wendy, thank you so much for everything you have done to move our organization forward. I am grateful to have met you when you visited Delta Kappa as a freshman. You sparked an interest in being a consultant and I was so happy I was able to follow your footsteps. I have enjoyed every opportunity I have had to work with you including ACHIEVE and watching you grow in your leadership positions within our organization!! Thank you for everything." - Michelle Castro, Delta Kappa Chapter at Florida International University

"I’ve known Wendy from afar as a volunteer and from Facebook. I have always and will always be in awe of Wendy. I love the involvement she has with her godchildren and her family. I love how Wendy is always so calm and professional. She is a leader who inspires women to be the best they can be yet has fun while doing it. I know Phi Sigma Sigma is strong financially because of her oversight. She worked well with the grand archon and grand vice archon to build a strong Supreme Council and Phi Sigma Sigma is better because of her love for us. Thank you Wendy for all you have done. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to know you ‘personally’ but I admire you." - Marybeth Althoff, Theta Chapter at the University Of Illinois At Urbana - Champaign

"Wendy, there are not enough words to describe nor define who you are and what you have meant to me. An advisor, a friend, a mentor, a sounding board, a cheerleader, a good kick in the butt when needed, but most of all a huge supporter whenever I need it. I am so thankful to have you in my life, your love, guidance and advice throughout the years has pushed me beyond my comfort zones and given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and aspirations. Thank you for showing me, and tons and tons of women out there, what it means to be a woman of substance, character, and influence. Phi Sigma Sigma is so lucky to call you ours. Theta Upsilon is so lucky to have you a stone's throw away and I'm so thankful and grateful that I get to call you my sister and my friend. Love you!" - Christina Lopez, Theta Upsilon Chapter at the University Of La Verne

"Wendy, thank you for all you have done for our beloved Phi Sigma Sigma! You truly embody and live our values everyday. You are a strong, compassionate and graceful leader and we are lucky to have you as a sister! Your infectious love for our sisterhood and your ability to make each and every sister feel important has truly built the army throughout your tenure. Thank you for believing in, seeing and supporting all of us! LITP." - Christina Robitaille, Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Hofstra University

"Wendy, there are a million things I could say, but I will try to keep it short and sweet. First and foremost, thank you for all your service on Supreme Council and all the incredible work you do with Phi Sigma Sigma. You make our organization better and stronger, and we are so lucky to have you as a leader and friend. Additionally, I want you to know how much of an impact you made on me in Phi Sigma Sigma membership. At 2013 convention, I signed up for dinner in Chinatown with my roommate and I was so nervous to attend. I did not have a great relationship with my CKA and really just thought this convention would be one and done. At dinner, we got to speak about all the wonderful things you can do as an alumnae and that night really opened my eyes to what Phi Sigma Sigma can offer you if you put time and energy into it. I knew right then and there, this would not be my last Convention. I'll never forget when you told my CKA what a wonderful person I was and that I would do great things because her jaw hit the floor. Thank you for that! It meant the absolute world to me as a 21-year-old archon. Now here we are 9 years later and I have attended multiple conferences and another 3 conventions with you. I hope there are many more events to add to the list as we look into the future of Phi Sigma Sigma and that I will be able to contribute more of my time and energy to make sisters feel as special as you made me feel! Cheers to you and this beloved sisterhood!" - Olivia Schwager, Delta Theta Chapter at Oakland University


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