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WWFD: Voting

This month, Fay is sharing a special edition of What Would Fay Do focused on the importance of voting! As we prepare for Election Day this November, we want you to be prepared - including making sure you are registered, selecting your candidates and having a voting plan in place. Sisters, we hope all of you will join us in exercising our right to VOTE!




It is important to exercise your right to vote. We have fought for the ability to have our voice influence the issues that impact our present and future. These issues can include education, healthcare, immigration, equal opportunity, infrastructure, the economy and many more.

To create the changes we wish to see or protect what we have already created, we must understand the pressing need to individually take action to collectively ensure the

well-being of ALL Americans.

Elections have consequences. There is power in numbers. Your vote matters.



It is important to exercise your right to vote. If this is your first time voting, or its been a couple years since you last voted, it is important to make sure you are registered to vote. IN ORDER TO VOTE YOU MUST BE REGISTERED. Follow the steps outlined below to:

  1. Register to Vote

  2. Check Your Registration Status

  3. Know Your Voting Options (In-person, absentee or mail-in)

Important Reminders:

  • Each state has their own voter registration deadline. Check your state's registration deadline here.

  • Voting is done by state and each state has their own policies and procedures. Be sure to stay up to date with your state and any changes that may occur prior to elections.

  • Absentee voting is when you are not able to physically vote in-person and so you must request a mail-in ballot. Eligibility differs by each state. Most students who reside outside their state are eligible for an absentee ballot. Learn more here.

Once you have established how you are going to vote, mark your calendar, know what materials you need and VOTE!


What Would Fay Do? is a life skills program that aims (high) to do just that. The program focuses on a different topic each month to help develop skills to live a successful life after college.


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