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Phi Sigma Sigma offers the opportunity to serve alongside seasoned professionals, where everyone's ideas, drive and passion can have a genuine impact on our members' experience. Phi Sigma Sigma Headquarters supports collegiate chapters on almost 100 campuses across North America and 70,000 initiated members.  


Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC)

Reports to: Assistant Director of Programs & Education

Location: Remote, travel up to 100% of the time 

Classification: Full-time contract for 28 weeks   

Educational leadership consultants (ELCs) are recent alumnae who support Phi Sigma Sigma as professional staff members. ELCs are responsible for working directly with Phi Sigma Sigma’s collegiate chapters and local volunteers to provide the best possible support and member experience for all sisters. 

To apply, submit your resume and application here.

House Director

Reports to: Director of Housing

Location: Varies by position; see open locations below

House directors are the NHC’s representatives to members residing in the chapter house, and to all members of the chapters. House directors have broad responsibilities extending to all areas of the members’ well-being and the safety and security of the facility. As such, the NHC expects that individuals accepting these positions will exercise high standards of moral and ethical conduct in their performance both in and out of the house.

Spring 2023 Openings:

  • Cornell University

  • University of New Hampshire

2023-2024 Openings:

  • Cornell University

  • Illinois State University

  • University of New Hampshire

To apply, email your resume to along with the following information:

  • Full name

  • Chapter

  • Your resume

  • The campus location you are apply for

  • If you are planning on attending graduate school and if so, where

  • Reason you are interested in this position


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