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Review Process

Phi Sigma Sigma requires all contracts issued to the chapter to be reviewed to ensure both safe and smart planning when it comes to conducting business in the name of the chapter.

Once the chapter is provided a contract, a team consisting of the Fraternity’s prevention, legal and insurance professionals coordinate a formal review of each and every contract before providing permission to the archon and vice archon to execute the contract. While other chapter representatives may request a contract, only the chapter's archon and vice archon will be authorized to sign the contract. 


Name on the Contract: [Chapter Letters] Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma, Inc. 

Yes, we even need the ", Inc."

Signing Authority: The contract may list a contact person (often the social/formal/event chairman), but the signature line should reflect only the president and vice president’s names.

Attachments: To expedite the contract review and approval process, please provide the chapter with the following documentation. 

  • Certificate of Insurance 

  • Terms

  • Invoice

  • Waiver (if applicable)

  • W-9 (if requiring payment with a check)


  • Liability Language: We ask you to strike the following verbiage from your contract: additional insured, hold harmless or indemnification. Contracts for alcohol service that include unbalanced, hold harmless or indemnification language will not be approved.

  • Policy Compliant: In observance of our organization’s policies we expect that any terms or orders be compliant with:

    • Pre-Sale Drinks - Alcohol may only be purchased via a "cash bar" meaning, no open bar, no open tabs, no discounts or promotions.

    • Rapid Consumption - The service of shots/shooters, ice luge, pitchers, fishbowls, beer towers, etc. is prohibited.

    • Overnight Events with Alcohol - There can be no room blocks or hotel stays associated with any contracted event with alcohol.


The vendors we work with are required to provide a certificate of insurance (COI) providing proof of a minimum of one million dollars general liability coverage. Bus/transportation companies must have automobile liability and venues/vendors serving alcohol must have liquor liability coverage (LLI). This is a requirement, regardless of any lesser state or local standards.

Vendors failing to produce a valid COI or LLI as requested do not meet Phi Sigma Sigma’s minimum requirements. Contracts will not be approved.

Should you wish to see the chapter’s proof of insurance or be listed as additional insured (only for contracts not serving alcohol), the chapter can make that request on your behalf. 


Only after our legal review team has reviewed and approved the contract will the archon and vice archon be authorized to sign any agreement, waiver or contract. A dual signature is required. Due to this requirement, executing online contracts can be challenging. Officers are not authorized to sign anything onsite or the day of the event.

If you require a deposit, please be advised that the chapter is not permitted to provide a deposit to any vendor ahead of the contract being approved by the legal review team. The chapter must obtain a copy of the contract terms before payment of any kind.


Events where participants engage in physical activity or inherently dangerous conditions, may require a waiver. If you will be requiring participants to sign a waiver, we require a copy ahead of time.


Common activities requiring a Phi Sigma Sigma waiver include: ropes courses, hayrides, 5K/fun run, rock climbing/climbing walls, paintball, trampoline events, water parks, beaches, pools, haunted attractions, mazes, inflatables, bounce houses and dunk tanks.

Planning a Chapter Event

All events hosted by Phi Sigma Sigma are subject to our policies, guidelines and procedures. Thoughtful planning and proactive steps to ensuring compliance and safety are the responsibility of a team of officers and chairmen. Each chapter is offered resources and opportunities to review their event plans with trained prevention professions. 

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