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FALL 2024


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Fall 2024 new members


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Just like any membership organization or club, civic group and professional or trade association, membership dues are a part of ensuring the consistency and longevity of the experience provided to members. 

As a not-for-profit corporation, dues and fees are collected and reinvested to the direct benefit of the member. This is accomplished through the intentional and targeted programming provided to develop women of substance, character and influence.  



Fraternity dues are paid by all active members and cover operating expenses and chapter services, including insurance coverage, technology services, chapter & member support services, chapter & member programming, member recognition and Fraternity operating expenses. 


Local dues vary by chapter and cover​ campus Panhellenic dues, activities hosted by the chapter and housing fees (if applicable).

*Rent, meal plans and parking are not paid on Billhighway and are billed separately through the Phi Sigma Sigma website.


Members have the ability to choose from four payment plan options, allowing them to choose the plan that works best for their financial situation: 

  • 1 Payment - The member will be billed in one full payment on July 1, due July 21. Select this billing type if you or a family member is able to pay your dues in full prior to the beginning of the semester. 

  • 2 Payments - The member will be billed for dues in two installments on  July 1 and August 1, each due on the 21 of the month. Select this billing type if you when school is not in session (summer and winter break) and are able to pay your dues prior to the beginning of the semester.

  • 5 Payments - The member will be billed for dues in five installments on July 1, August 1, September 1, October 1 and November 1 each due on the 21 of the month. Select this billing type if you work during the semester and plan to pay your dues throughout the semester.

  • Deferred - The deferred payment option is for members who are experiencing financial hardship, waiting for scholarships, grants, or student loans before remitting payment. The member will be billed in one invoice for the full amount on March 1 but will be able to pay towards their dues before that date. Proof of financial aid status may be required by the chapter.

Each bill will be sent on the first (1) of the month and is due on the 21 of the month. Members who do not pay their bill on time will be billed late fees by Billhighway. Late fee amount is 5% of the total balance due and is added on the 26 of the month. Additionally, members with balances that are more than 14 days past due will be at risk of membership suspension. 

Billing type changes for fall 2024 are due on May 15, 2024. Any change made after that date incurs a $25 fee. Members wanting to inquire about a billing type change must email


Members will automatically receive a statement from Billhighway on the first of the month with your monthly invoice. Members will also receive a reminder email from Phi Sigma Sigma HQ on the 15 and 20 of the month.


Members can opt in for additional email and text reminders from Billhighway:


  1. Log in to Billhighway

  2. My Account > Account Alerts

  3. You can choose to receive a message each month via email and/or text message. To receive the reminder via email, choose your primary or secondary email under the Email Alerts section. To receive the reminders via text message, check the Billing Reminder box under SMS Alerts and choose up to 3 phone numbers. 

  4. Click save.


Members can also set up reminders for parents/guardians by adding them as a secondary email address or phone number for Billhighway account alerts. Billhighway will only send alerts if there is an unpaid invoice.

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