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2020-2021 House Director Application

Phi Sigma Sigma's National Housing Corporation is currently seeking passionate applicants who are interested in the possibility of a house director position for the 2020-2021 academic year. This position is ideal for graduate students who are looking to continue their studies and live on campus, all while saving for the future!


The Phi Sigma Sigma National Housing Corporation (NHC) strives to create a welcoming residential community and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for members residing in our chapter houses. House directors are crucial to the success of these goals. House directors are the NHC’s representatives to members residing in the chapter house, and to all members of the chapters. 

House directors have broad responsibilities extending to all areas of the members’ well-being and the safety and security of the facility. As such, the NHC expects that individuals accepting these positions will exercise high standards of moral and ethical conduct in their performance both in and out of the house. VIEW THE JOB DESCRIPTION HERE.


- Cornell University (Beta Xi Chapter)

- Illinois State University (Epsilon Alpha Chapter)

- Bloomsburg University (Epsilon Zeta Chapter)

TO APPLY: Email your resume to

Want to know more about what life is like as a house director? Check out some of our testimonials, here.

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