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The History of Phi Sigma Sigma

How can i know you are legit, can i trust you?

If you need more reability of the CSGO Services that we provide , please check our Social Media-s, or Real Customer Reviews.

Will i get banned for boosting service?

Of course not! You can't get ban for using our boosting service, because we are 100% safe and don’t use cheats or any other third-party software.

How long will my boost take?

All of our boosts take fast as possible, so when you order your boost. It will almost every time start within ~1hour and up to 8-10 wins in a single day.

I don't like the price, can i get a discount?

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If you are worried about the security of your steam items, please be aware that the booster will log into your Steam account from a new location, and that will give You 7 days protection. That means the Steam trade / market is CLOSED for us.

Can i pay with different method than PayPal?

We can accept Skrill, Bank / Credit Card transfer or CS:GO Skins (+25%)

I've made order. When does it start?

All of our orders start within 1 hour or soon as one of our boosters accept it. We will message you and discuss about schedule as soon as you make your order.



American Beauty Rose






The brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world’s pain.


King Blue & Gold


Love in the Pyramid (LITP)




Phi Sigma Sigma's original badge was the sphinxhead, featuring sapphire eyes on a gold base bearing our Greek letters in blue enamel.  In 1951, the Fraternity introduced the jeweled badge, a sphinxhead superimposed on a gold pyramid with three sapphires in each corner.  Both badges remain in use today.

To further identify a member and indicate the bond between the sorority and chapter, a guard pin (the Greek letter(s) identifying the chapter) is attached to the badge by a small, gold linked chain.

The badge is worn by all duly initiated members over or near the heart. The guard pin is worn lower than the badge. The badge is never to be sold, given or loaned to any person who is not a duly initiated member of Phi Sigma Sigma.


First published in 1923, its purpose was to bring Phi Sigma Sigma’s widely dispersed chapters still closer together into a true international sisterhood. The Sphinx provided a communication link throughout many years.

The complete collection of The Sphinx magazines are available in our digital archives.


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