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Given the landscape is quickly evolving, we will continue to update this page with information and resources to keep you informed about Phi Sigma Sigma operations in response to COVID-19. 



All chapter meetings, gatherings and events must be held in accordance with state/province, local health and/or public health department and university directives. Should in-person events be permitted by the university, chapters must implement social distancing best practices and mitigate risk wherever possible. Chapter services managers will assist chapters in planning any events.


It is advised that the majority, if not all, chapter events are held virtually. Members will need to get creative and think outside of the confines of a "typical" event when planning the fall calendar. We are here to help brainstorm ideas or help you think through how to adjust a favorite event to fit the virtual format.


More than ever, we need to remain connected to one another. Observing social distancing best practices doesn't mean our sisters have to feel alone.

Learn more about virtual programming and the importance of connection.


Chapter Meetings – In-person chapter meetings have been transitioned into weekly/bi-weekly virtual meetings and emails to keep all members updated on the latest. 

Executive Board & Executive Council - The executive board and executive council have a continued responsibility to carry out alternate virtual programming where possible. 

Fall 2020 Chapter Finances – For the fall, we will be implementing a a financial model that is as flexible as possible, should there be a disruption to course delivery, chapter activities or the health and safety of our members. We are doing everything within our power to reduce expenses and restrict unnecessary spending to keep the sorority experience affordable for members and new members who were financially impacted due to COVID-19. Read more here.

Fall 2020 Statuses – Phi Sigma Sigma has expanded the use of our membership statuses to promote the retention of our current members, who stand to benefit from sisterhood and belonging now more than ever. Learn more about our different status offerings


On campuses where students are physically returning, it is expected that members will test positive for COVID-19. Should an advisor or a leader of the chapter become aware of a member who has tested positive, follow the university's protocol for isolating. Sisters who have been in contact with her should follow the university's protocol for quarantining.


You ISOLATE after a positive test. The isolation period is 10 calendar days from the positive test. You QUARANTINE after a known exposure or close contact with a person who has COVID-19. The quarantine period is 14 calendar days after the last known exposure.


Sisters affected will likely feel overwhelmed and scared. It is important that we continue to support them. We advise virtual check-ins on Zoom, coordinating meal delivery, etc. Chapter services managers will help you to create a support plan.


The archon should document any known positive cases on the Phi Sigma Sigma website. Each individual member who tests positive should follow state/province, local health and/or public health department and university directives to report cases as required.


All members and new members are provided and asked to acknowledge the following expectations and can be held accountable by the chapter or the Fraternity:  

  • I acknowledge that Phi Sigma Sigma recommends adherence to the guidelines provided by the CDC. 

  • I acknowledge that Phi Sigma Sigma requires compliance with all state/province, local health and/or public health department, and university directives regarding attendance at events and participation in activities associated with the chapter, and that Phi Sigma Sigma requires compliance with all directives communicated by the owner or manager of any facility where an event or activity associated with the chapter is held. 


  • I agree to wear a mask and/or maintain social distancing in accordance with state/province, local health and/or public health department, and/or university directives, as well as with directives communicated by the owner or manager of any facility where an event or activity associated with the chapter is held. 


If Phi Sigma Sigma maintains a housing facility and/or any other type of chapter occupied space (collectively “facility”) at the university I am attending:


  • I will adhere to rules and procedures regarding food service, sleeping quarters, hosting of guests, including non-resident members, scheduling of study spaces, use of masks and social distancing in communal living areas and other stated expectations in order to keep myself and my sisters safe.


  • I will respect the health concerns of the house director, facility staff and other members in my interactions with them.


  • I understand that while precautions to clean the facility and provide procedures to assist with social distancing will be taken, it will be up to me, any permitted guests and other residents of the property to limit outside exposure and to follow guidelines suggested to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

  • I understand that by electing to live in, visit or enter the facility, I am agreeing to release the Fraternity, local house corporation, the NHC, and any other individual volunteer, advisor, employee or board member from liability associated with the risks inherent in a communal environment, including transmission of COVID-19 or any illness or injury associated with COVID-19.



The NHC has prepared their protocols with industry experts and modified plans to follow local and state health department guidelines. While we cannot guarantee that our facilities will be COVID-19 free, we are aggressively minimizing risks. Residents must be reminded that taking steps to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 is the shared responsibility of every resident in the facility. 

Learn more about our updated housing protocol and how this effects guests, non-resident members, meal plans and individual facility plans on our fall housing webpage.

Upcoming Fraternity Travel and Events

Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity has eliminated all travel and in-person events through June 30, 2021.


Recruitment Support - All chapters will receive virtual recruitment support from a designated staff member or volunteer. Recruitment support personnel will provide ongoing support by working with chapters throughout planning all the way until bid day. 

Training & Institutes - Institutes, officer and volunteer trainings will be hosted virtually through our online learning management system. 

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