Given the landscape is quickly evolving, we will continue to update this page with information and resources to keep you informed about Phi Sigma Sigma operations in response to COVID-19. 


Summer 2020 priorities: 

  • Credit member accounts with chapter dues refund (where applicable).

  • Track communication and decisions from partner campuses regarding fall course delivery.  

  • Survey members on their ongoing safety and wellbeing to identify needs for additional support and resources in navigating the impacts of COVID-19.

  • Host regular updates for Fraternity volunteers. 

  • Migrate training and program offerings to online learning platforms.

  • Connect with and support fraternity/sorority advisors and partner campuses in responsible fall planning. 

  • Promote the online member development program - C.A.M.P. Phi Sig

  • Promote and administer Sapphire Circle Emergency Assistance Grants to members in need. 

  • Complete and process feed back from mentors and graduating seniors that participated in the Next 90 Days program.

  • Maintain proper cleaning and security services for all Fraternity and NHC facilities. Preparing fall move-in procedures and protocols. 


With great care, we canceled in-person activities of any size and type hosted by our chapters through Spring 2020 semester. In alignment with guidance provided by the CDC that recommended suspending events and activities with 10 or more people for a period of eight weeks. As always, we look to ensure the health and wellness of our members and communities. 

As global citizens, we have a responsibility to lead and serve in the best interest of our own health and the safety of others. Younger demographics may not be high risk, but could be carriers of the virus and contribute to the spread. Your discipline and dedication to being a part of the solution demonstrates your character and makes us proud to call you a sister. 

We know that change isn't easy and that feeling overwhelmed is to be expected. We are so thankful to have the support of our sisters in a time like this! More than ever, we need to remain connected to one another. Observing social distancing best practices doesn't mean you have to feel alone. 

While social distancing directives call for the avoidance of face-to-face interactions with others, we do hope you'll establish regular check-ins with your sisters and friends. It is our responsibility as sisters to check on, support and entertain one another – send your sisters a text or schedule a video call.

If you are feeling anxious, confused, frustrated or distressed during this time, please contact your university's counseling or mental health services.


We understand this is disappointing news as the chapter has put a lot of hard work into planning these events and was looking forward to them, but at this time the safety, health and wellbeing of our sisters and our communities must be our top priority. 

Composites – Fortunately, we have the opportunity to reschedule any scheduled composite photos for the next available date in the fall and will ensure that everyone from the 2019-2020 chapter is incorporated. For anyone who is graduating or will not be on campus in the fall, we will endeavor to include a prior year’s photo if needed. 

Formal/Date Events/Socials – While canceling social events for this semester is upsetting, Phi Sigma Sigma’s contract team is working with the venue to ensure that rescheduling for the fall is a priority. 

Philanthropy & Fundraisers - If you had previously planned or started a philanthropy or fundraising initiative, the chapter will reschedule or cancel the event. If tickets were sold, we can assist the chapter in offering refunds for anyone who is unable to attend the rescheduled date and requests one. You may continue to use online methods to fundraise or generate awareness for your cause. 

Sisterhoods – The cancelation of in-person sisterhood events while observing social distance directives opens an opportunity to coordinate and participate in online engagement like never before. 

Many of the regular programs and benefits of chapter membership are now online.


Member Finances - We understand you paid or are continuing to pay your outstanding dues as a part of being in this organization. Once an assessment of your chapter’s 2019-2020 expenditures is complete, we will be working with chapter bursars to credit member accounts where applicable. More information can be found here. 


2019-2020 Chapter Finances – An audit and assessment of your chapter’s accounts and outstanding financial obligations may result in opportunities to provide pro-rated credits, refunds or directed capital investments. It may take several weeks before the full financial impact is clear.

Fall 2020 Chapter Finances – Preparations for the 2020-2021 financial year are already well on their way. The Fraternity prepared updates on chapter financial models will be communicated as a part of the Fraternity's summer priorities.

Chapter Meetings – In-person chapter meetings have been transitioned into weekly/bi-weekly virtual meetings and emails to keep all members updated on the latest. 

Executive Board & Executive Council - In-person executive board and executive council meetings have been transitioned to a virtual meetings and regular emails. The executive board and executive council have a continued responsibility to carry out alternate virtual programming/announcement where possible. 


Standards Board Meetings/Hearings – While away from campus, members are expected to uphold the high standards that you observe year around. Any individual behaviors that need to be addressed by the standards board will be postponed until the fall, handled informally or directed to the Fraternity


Consult reputable resources provided by the CDC to determine and detect signs illness. 

If a member is diagnosed with COVID-19, have a plan for communicating with HQ immediately at Headquarters staff will assist in developing a communication plan for members, advisors and the university. If we are informed about a COVID-19 diagnosis, we will keep the member's identity and personal information confidential to the best of our abilities. 

Because this virus is widespread and originating in other countries, we have created the following guidelines around member travel:


  • Phi Sigma Sigma discourages all non-essential overseas travel to countries subject to a Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Health Notice ("Travel Notice") as identified by the CDC at this time. 

  • Members returning from a Travel Notice country, per the CDC must self-quarantine for 14 days after their return to the U.S. or Canada. 

  • Members who have planned overseas travel before the end of the academic term must report the dates of travel, destination and airline, including flight number and times, to HQ. This includes spring break travel. Please report your travel plans to


connect & engage 

Your action during the days ahead provide an opportunity to connect and engage in a new and exciting way. Observing social distancing best practices doesn't mean you have to feel alone. 

The programming introduced under the Fraternity's Detour umbrella will be hosted in the Detour and Next 90 Days facebook groups and promoted on Instagram.


All of our chapter houses were closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 contract year as a preventative measure, providing accommodations by request for anyone with extenuating circumstances. 

While we recommend returning home, we understand this might not be possible or in the best interest of all members. If you're concerned about your living situation and being displaced if the residence halls close, please reach out to us for assistance at

Communication about reopening and safety proceudres for the fall 2020 term will be distributed throughout the summer.

We are here to help!

Upcoming Fraternity Travel

We are carefully monitoring the situation and will provide you with regular updates as it relates to upcoming Fraternity related travel. Given that the landscape is quickly evolving, we are waiting to book flights until we have more information. Announcements will be made as decisions are made. 


Staff Travel - At this time, our staff and volunteers are only being asked to travel for critical coverage and projects. 


Summer 2020 Treks - We are unfortunately postponing the Summer 2020 Treks to a later date. Given the fluidity and seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, this is the best and safest decision for all our trek participants as well as the community we would be serving. The trek will be reschedule for a future date. 


Summer MRC Institutes - Registration for the MRC institutes has been postponed until formats and dates can be further adjusted and confirmed.


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